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So I'm in the early stages of creating an alter ego for myself and I was hoping some of the fine chaps on myArmoury could give me some tips. This character is presently just a thought, so I'm looking for historical input and references to help me... er... him, to evolve so to speak. Who is he, you ask? Think of a combination of William Wallace and Solid Snake. He's a mid to late 14th Century Scottish mercenary/bounty hunter; a vagabond; a man of the wilds who trusts his life to his sword and his experience.

Eventually I'm gonna start building up a kit for this fellow. I want something that is mostly historically accurate, but also really brings out the character's spirit and who he is. I really like the look of belted plaid like what is depicted in the movie Braveheart, but I know that this isn't really historical as belted plaid wasn't worn until the late 16th Century. But what I do recall reading somewhere that Scotttish men at arms wore something similar called a war coat that was made by pleating wool around the waist which gave a similar look. However, I can't find where I read that nor do I have any pictures of it. So my first bit of info I'm looking for would be there. I'm really kind of ignorant in terms of what was appropriate Middle Age Scottish dress, so I welcome the education. Thanks in advance!

What nationality is this guy?
Ben P. wrote:
What nationality is this guy?

He's Scottish.

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