Seeking durable viking helms steel and leather
im looking to find the best priced and strongest leather and steel helmets for heavy duty reenactment fighting so they will need to be hardened and/or of high thickness. i myself am looking for a gjermumbu with a riveted aventail without the spike on top. as for the leather helm it needsto be sturdy but it will not be standing up to head shots like the steel ones will.
any help or info will be much appericated
thank you all
I've moved your topic from the Marketplace to the Off-Topic Talk forum. The Marketplace is for people looking to buy items from other reader's personal collections; it's not for seeking advice like you're doing.
Nathan, do you mean leather AND steel, or do you mean leather OR steel? If both, can you elaborate on the construction that you had in mind? like leather spangen with steel bands? That might be a pretty interesting helmet....
Viking helms
Hi Nathan.

A problamatic question I think as this will be mainly down to individuals perceptions and your own budget., best advice is you tend to 'get what you pay for'.

For a metal helm I'd recommend Thorkil or closer home you could try Tim Noyes, Google Heron Armoury.

Discuss your needs with teither of them and I'm sure you will get what your looking for. Thorkil has produced helmets for full contact combat.

There are a number of decent LARP type suppliers of leather armour in the U.K. again try a Google search.


thanks for the help and i do mean leather spangen with steel bands i know a few people who own them and as helmets go they are more authentic than steel as only really warrior elite had them. and im trying to portray a warrior class who are known well known for armour. im willing to pay decent money for decent products. but not a heavy sum if you understand me
sorry i had meant to say not well known on that last post

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