FightCamp 2009 - UK
This will be the 6th annual FightCamp run by Schola Gladiatoria.

2008's event saw over 120 attendees and over 20 top instructors from across the UK and Europe.

FightCamp involves learning about historical European martial arts during the day, hard training and fun, and relaxing in the evening with drinks and a campfire.

From 24 to 26 July 2009 there will be 3 solid days of workshops, training and competitions held on the site, with the attendees camping in the grounds.

The big change this year is that we are moving to a new private location at The Grange, near Coventry and Birmingham. The site has washing, eating and drinking facilities.

The site is accessable by road, rail to Birmingham or flying to Birmingham airport.

Cost of event is 20 per person for the weekend.
You can attend for just part of the event if you wish.

Students of all levels from all groups are welcome.

The atmosphere of this event is quite different to most other HEMA events, as most attendees are sharing the same camp with lots of open space around.

Facebook event:

Latest updates:

Hi Matt,
link o2says 404 not found,
do you have or could pm me a post code to the event site,it may be driveable for me for the daytime stuff, :cool:
Hi Lee, here is the link:

The address of the venue is:
The Grange,
Frogmore Grange,
Frog Lane,
Balsall Common,

Latest updates:

For those who are unobservant the latest info has the dates different from those posted by Matt last year,

New dates are 31st July to 2nd August ..... which means I probably cant attend despite living only a few miles away ! Typical .....

Payment (20) for the event will still be upon arrival, but if you are intending to attend FightCamp 09 then I need you to register yourself by emailing with 'Register Fightcamp' in the title:

If you are not registered then we can not permit you entrance. This also applies to partners, family and friends.

Please forward this information to any people who you know are interested in attending FightCamp 09.

Registration will close on 5 July or when the register is full.

p.s. Sorry to hear that Adam :(.

Matt and the FightCamp Team.

Sounds like a wonderful event. Glad it sold out! Make sure to let us know how it goes.

The register is capped at 200 attendees but we have a couple of free places now.

If you would like to come then register ASAP at:

The event Info Pack is now available for download and if you are registered and coming then you should print this off and bring it with you:

So FightCamp 2009 is now over, and I have to greatly thank:

- Lucy Mattinson for the enormous amount of time spent with me organising it, putting the info pack together and doing numerous other time-consuming tasks. The increased professionalism of this year's event is largely testament to her hard work and influence.
- All the Marshals for their time and effort in helping to run the event.
- Jim, Marie and the rest of the Grange staff for being such great hosts.
- The instructors for their expertese and time in holding classes in all weathers.
- The tournament organisers and staff, particularly School of the Sword, Nigel Plum and Tim Gallagher.
- The first aiders.
- The traders.
- The Knight Shop for donating prizes for the tournaments.
- Lastly, but not leastly, I want to thank all the attendees who conducted themselves so well, in all weathers. They behaved in a civilised manner and respected the venue, cleaning up well after themselves, for which I am immensely grateful for. Also especially the tournament competitors who showed such grace and gentlemanly behaviour. I do not exagerate when I say that I have never, NEVER, seen such excellent and honourable behaviour as was shown in the Eggleton Cup tournament, as befitting to the gentleman it was named after.

The winners of the tournaments were:
Pas d'Armes: Mark Gilbert, Mark Gilbert & Mark Gilbert
The Eggleton Cup: Mark Gilbert
The Rapier & Smallsword: Nick Thomas
The Singlestick/Backsword: Matt Easton

Many thanks to all of you.

For more information about the event and what happened, see the Schola Forum:

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