Do you participate in Western martial arts training?
Yes, actively
 33%  [ 65 ]
Yes, occasionally
 24%  [ 48 ]
No, but I would like to start
 28%  [ 56 ]
No, I do not
 13%  [ 27 ]
Total Votes : 196

Nov 3: news and updates
Today's update:

[ Linked Image ]
Albion Armorers Meyer Sword
A hands-on review by Bill Grandy

[ Linked Image ]
Albion Armorers Liechtenauer Sword
A hands-on review by Pamela Muir

[ Linked Image ]
Hanwei / CAS Iberia Federschwert Training Sword
A hands-on review by Bill Grandy

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Very good reviews on these training swords and it's nice to be able to compare the weight and flexibility differences that can affect how well one can apply the techniques: The Hanwei does seem a little too flexible to me if it changes the feel of winding.

The Meyer maybe a little more of a sports fencing or equivalent to a lighter civilian sword while the Liechtenauer closer to a fighting ( war ) longsword.

I have a Liechtenauer and have used it for some practice sessions against other Liechtenauers as our group has at least 3 users/owners of a Liechtenauer.

Durability is very good since even against each other they show hardly a visible dimple after use and much less notches shallow or deep that some of our other " cheap " training swords which look more like saws after a bit of hard use.

Some of these cheap training swords are basically Windlass swords used in their unsharpened state or with edges that have been rounded by removing a bit of these swords width.

Anyway, I can confirm that durability of the Albion's is superb.
Great reviews, thanks! There isn't much written on these swords on the net, although they have been available for quite some time.
Interesting results on the voting poll!

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