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Andre Sinou
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PostPosted: Fri 30 May, 2008 3:36 pm    Post subject: Chainmail is in at Icefalcon Armory         Reply with quote

We just got our first of 3 large shipments of chainmail. So far we are getting very good reviews from our customers. AQt this point most of the aluminum and much of the 6mm mail has come in.

Aluminum round ring, riveted mail (galvanized bright finish)The aluminum mail is good for show but we do not recommend it for combat. Althoug it is very light, it shreds with constant use.

Blackened flat ring riveted mail - 9mm flat rings riveted in a 4 in one pattern. Very nice looking, inexpensive mail for those who might want to use it for armored combat. The flat riveted mail is MUCH stronger and lighter than butted mail. Also very period for later period armors.

Blackened Stainless flat ring riveted mail- Higher tensile strength and less maintenance; the stainless mail is the next step up in strength and durability. 9 mm rings.

6mm (4 small round riveted rings in one larger flat solid ring)- The 6mm mail is the top of the line mail. If you are looking for durability, flexibility and decent weight, the 6mm is the way to go. Very period mail for early period personas through the middle ages.

Drop us a line if you have any questions.

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Simon G.

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PostPosted: Mon 14 Jul, 2008 4:34 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Just thought I should drop a line here about my recent experience with Icefalcon Armoury in buying a blackened flat ring riveted mail full hauberk. Overall it's been great.

Andre Sinou has been very helpful and a great seller to communicate with. He did not mind addressing my newbie concerns, even though I was moronic enough to express them after buying from him, not before... Also, while his website quoted shipping as something like $250 (to France), he e-mailed me telling me he thought he'd be able to get it for less than that (even though I had already paid shipping, and did not ask about anything). In the end shipping was about $120, and was fast too (less than one week). Mr Sinou could have made himself some easy money on that one, but he did not. In one of his mails he said "I will take good care of my fellow Frenchman" - and he indeed did. Thanks again for that.

True, I must state that I was somewhat disappointed by little details when I received it. First, I had a messy time cleaning the transport oil that was on the mail, then brushing off the (very light) rust that had appeared during drying... But I understand this is to be expected when dealing with maille. Just wish I had a squire to do all that for me. Wink
Also, I noticed there were some rings that had defects - partly dented, or missing their rivet. Now, do not get me wrong, overall this hauberk is well-made, and these rings are rare. When I have the time to, I'll order loose rings and just replace the maybe 1 % or 2 % that show defects. It's a drawback for sure but at the price I bought this hauberk, it's not a big deal, I think.

Also, I really did not wish to end this review on a somewhat negative note, seeing as how Mr Sinou has been a great chap to deal with. Some days ago, I showed the hauberk to a friend, a mediaeval enthusiast like me - a good friend I might add, and not only because he gave me a beautiful rondel dagger made by a local smith. And he commented on how the rings looked thin, and on how he thought said rondel dagger would "pierce it like butter". Indeed, the dagger was a triangular-bladed, pattern-welded, very pointy and long one - quite mean-looking and seemingly made just for piercing armour.

Well, at the time I was not enthusiast at putting that to test, but maybe it's the late time of day, maybe it's the will to give Mr Sinou two thumbs up, but while in the process of writing this I decided I'd test. So just a few moments ago I fetched the maille, the dagger, and two pieces of foam - one thin and soft, kind of mimicking a gambeson, the other one thick and rigid, an approximation for flesh-and-bones. I placed one layer of maille on that and hit it several times with the dagger. The maille came out clean ! If this maille is butter, well, I guess I won't eat butter anymore - I prefer my teeth intact. Razz

Now, this test was rapidly put together and by no means "scientific", but I did hit quite hard several times. To be precise, I was kneeling in front of the maille, held the dagger overhad in "icepick grip", point down, and I hit down on the maille in a purely stabbing motion - quite a good "misericorde" situation I think. The only effect it had was 1/4" penetration (barely enough to get past the "gambeson"), and a couple of times 1/2" penetration, because the blade shot right inside a ring - remember, this is a triangular blade, thus very narrow. And this is 9mm maille (priced and sold as such). There are surely better protections out there (and more expensive, too). Yet, 1/2" is "ouch", not "argh" - a good result considering the blade it was up against, I feel (dagger pictured below). I made about 10 hits - I was a bit reluctant at first, but then I grew confident about the maille, and hit it quite hard. Each time, the blade was stopped at once when "caught" by the maille. Twice (when the blade was able to "find" the centre of a ring and get in until it hit the sides of said ring) I had it stuck quite hardly in the hauberk (thus, I should add, 1/2" was "ouch" not only for the target, but also for the attacker, as he would have likely lost his dagger). Yet, I was able to observe no damage other than very minor scuffing on some rings (there was some on the blade too, I might add, but also very minor), and then it is visible mainly because the blackening make them stand out - but this is very, very minor, not anything near weakening the rings. In fact, it is mainly the blackening getting faintly scratched (see pics below). There was no noticeable deformation either - maybe just a tad on some rings, but very low.

As a conclusion, I highly recommand doing business with Mr Shinou. From my admittedly limited perspective, his product is great, tough, and has a good value-for-money. What's more important, the man is a pleasure to deal with and is honest and helpful. After this little test I'd trust his maille into battle, even if it's 9mm, and I'd trust his word in business, anytime. Thanks, Andre !

(P.S. : I do not know if full-length reviews belong here - I've seen other feedback messages in this part of the forums, but maybe mine is a bit lengthy and should be posted elsewhere. If so, deepest apologies to the moderators...

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The dagger the maille was up against. [ Download ]

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The area that was hit - with no visible result. [ Download ]
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