Barta sword in classifieds
Well wouldn't you know it, another Barta sword comes up, and I can't see the pictures until too late! :confused: Probably just as well, but it does set back my goal of owning a sword by Mr. Evans, Mr. Barta and Mr. Johnsson a bit. It looks like it's a real beauty, congratulations to the lucky purchaser. I shall continue to bide my time, sooner or later another medieval period sword by Mr. Barta will show up.
I was thinking along similar lines until a couple of weeks ago. But then I decided that there was a particular sword that I wanted made, and I wanted Patrick Barta to make it, so I bit the bullet and made the order. A waiting list of 3 years was a deciding factor, should be plenty of time to save up the cash! And I can't see that list getting shorter any time soon.


btw, bad luck for missing this one. My guess is that a lot of people didn't even spot the ad, it went that fast!
Yes, I've thought about getting in the queue, but circumstances are too prone to changing in 3 years I think. I believe I'll just hang out and wait, sooner or later something will come along.
That's fair enough. Better luck next time.


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