I saw a book in a used bookstore on the First Crusade, and I had a look through it, mostly to see any medieval iconographic imagery inside. I believe the book is an edition by Sir Steven Runciman. Anyways, I found an intriguing illustration that was from a manuscript called Hrabanus Maurus. I did a search online to see if I could learn more, but all that I learned was that Rabana Maurus was a Benedictine monk in the Carolingian era, and that the ms. I was looking at was probably a copy of one or more of his works. One of the captions to another image in the book I was looking at, which is also from the same manuscript, claims that it was written just before the First Crusade. The only manuscript by this name written during the 11th century that I was able to find online was written circa 1020 to 1030, which is much too early to be described as "just prior to the First Crusade".

Can anyone find anything about, or better still, find photos of, the ms. in question online?