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David Cooper

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PostPosted: Mon 13 Nov, 2017 4:57 am    Post subject: Deepeeka La Tene Celtic Sword         Reply with quote

Firstly itís a Deepeeka. Eek! That out of the way what do you get?: Near parallel sided diamond shaped plain blade, wooden grip with brass stud and band detailing. Roughly anthropomorphic in shape. Hilt secured with a brass screwed pommel nut. The sword seems well put together, solid with no movement. Steel curved facing plate on the hilt. Steel scabbard with belt loop attachment, decorative detailing and a rather crude chape piece. The Deepeeka site claims EN45 steel but un-tempered.

My Stats:
Weight: 1 lb 14 oz (0.85 kg), 3lb 4.5oz (1.49kg) in scabbard
Length overall: 34'' (86.5cm) Blade: 27'' (68.5cm)
POB: 7'' (18cm)
Profile taper: 1.73'' (44.1mm) at ricasso, 1.56'' (39.6mm) mid blade, 1.17'' (29.7mm) 2 inches from tip.
Distal taper 0.17'' (4.3mm) at ricasso, no real distal taper.

Historical Accuracy:
Actually, the appearance is not bad. I would say the La Tene sword finds show a large proportion of properly parallel-sided blades but the shape of this blade is not unknown. Some had a more pronounced medial ridge but pure diamond shaped blades were found. The discovered blades also varied quite widely in length so this is not out of range. The hilt seems accurate in general shape but I would be less certain of the stud detailing and I would suggest that there is little evidence for metal bands and certainly not brass. The pommel nut jars considerably. La Tenne swords were peened with a fairly prominent peen block but this modern nut just looks wrong. I suppose itís OK if you stand far enough away, Wink The steel facing plate is historically accurate in appearance. Some La Tene pieces had bronze hilts of even more anthropomorphic form but wood or other organic material seemed common. The use of untempered steel may put some people off but La Tene swords were generally work hardened iron, not steel. The use of un-tempered EN45 may give a more accurate representation of a La Tene sword that would a better hardened and tempered modern steel. There are Roman claims some Celtic swordswould bend in battle and had to be straightened by standing on them. I do not know if the La Tene swords had any degree of distal taper but this sword does not This gives a rather blade heavy feel but not uncomfortable or unmanageable. La Tene scabbards were metal but constructed from plates of thin iron rather that the modern unitary construction of steel offered here. That said the general appearance (from a distance) seems quite accurate.

In conclusion...itís a Deepeeka, but I would say a reasonable example of an important historical weapon at a very reasonable cost.

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Arne G.

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PostPosted: Mon 13 Nov, 2017 9:26 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

This could make a very good kit sword for a DIY project, depending on the details of the tang and hilt construction. Assuming those were OK, I would reshape the wood components (which as is are all right, but could be made more esthetically pleasing), lose the brass bands around the grip, and either reshape or replace the nut with a proper peen block. Probably do some sort of La Tene style decoration on the grip, as well.

The scabbard would be more of a challenge to correct, but I would be content with reshaping or replacing the chape piece.

As noted, though, for the price point this isn't bad.
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