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Brooks Chambers

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PostPosted: Wed 13 Apr, 2011 9:19 am    Post subject: Sword Belt...where to begin?         Reply with quote

Good Day All!

I just received my Hanwei Saxon from Kult of Athena and am very pleased with it. My next task is to find a belt that would work with this sword functionally and visually. I don't really know where to start. The attached photo shows the rings on the scabbard that, I assume, are meant to attach to a belt in some fashion. I am ever so ignorant about these things and would appreciate any guidance as I am in a bit of a hurry to narrow down my search (I have an upcoming event in the first week of may).

Many thanks!

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Elnathan Barnett

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PostPosted: Wed 13 Apr, 2011 11:27 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

An authentic belt might be a bit of a problem, since I am pretty sure that there is no evidence that swords from that period had rings on the scabbard. Earlier swords had a couple of buttons to hold the belt or baldric on, later ones used a belt that slipped under the scabbard covering.

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early 11th c. frieze fragment from Old Minster - smaller.jpg

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Therfor he seide to hem, But now he that hath a sachel, take also and a scrippe; and he that
hath noon, selle his coote, and bigge a swerd.
- Luke 22:36, John Wycliffe's translation AD 1384
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JE Sarge
Industry Professional

PostPosted: Wed 13 Apr, 2011 2:47 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Since it already has the mounting rings, I'd just go with a Roman-type baldric for now. There are a couple different options out there:

Here is one from KoA that they call a "Late Period Roman Baldric" that looks better than a plain leather strap:

And here is one that is, well, a plain leather strap:

And lastly, here is how the rings were mounted in a baldric on one of my old gladii:

The four-ring mount is definately a Roman thing. I would probably just go with some simple 1" leather strapping and a buckle at the chest, then like in the example above, split the ends on one end to give 2-pts rear, 1-pt forward, and tie on my own baldric. The cost would be very inexpensive, the leather, dye, and a nice 1" buckle can be found on eBay for very, very cheap - it it would look better than the KoA offerings, especially if you were able to emboss some Saxon runes or something.

You might want to have the scabbard re-covered at somewhere like Custom Sword Shoppe and have a more historically-accurate suspension crafted for it down the road if you like the sword.

J.E. Sarge
Crusader Monk Sword Scabbards and Customizations

"But lack of documentation, especially for such early times, is not to be considered as evidence of non-existance." - Ewart Oakeshott
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