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Marc Ridgeway

Location: Atlanta , Gawga
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PostPosted: Sun 03 May, 2009 6:39 am    Post subject: Angus Trim 1508 Longsword         Reply with quote

Angus Trim 1508 XVIIIe Longsword

Review by Marc Kaden Ridgeway------------- 2 May 2009

With the influx of the new VA/ATrim longswords from Valiant Armoury, designed by Gus and Christian , I thought it would be nice to post a review of an offering directly from the man himself, Angus Trim.

I'd like to apologize for my complete lack of qualifications to review Euro swords. This sword is helping to turn me to the darkside... as I hoped it would... but that presents its own set of problems. When it comes to Euros, I have no idea of the proper terminologies, typologies, no idea how to photo them, and no clue as to the techniques involved in using them. I had hoped my katana technique would carry me through, but sadly it did not... on video I looked clumsy, clueless and lost ... and fat.

I ordered this sword back in summer 2007 , just before the "pay off the damn machine sale" and am VERY glad I did. It was well worth the wait, and was probably my last chance to order a 1508 directly from Gus .

The 1508 is an interpretation of type XVIIIe , a longsword type prevalent throughout Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. XVIIIe , as I understand it , is supposed to have a very long narrow ricasso, and the 1508 has only a mildly rebated ricasso , which I prefer , actually. Also , I believe XVIIIe typically had curved crossguards and pear shaped pommels . The 1508 has a bowtie cross, and a scentstopper pommel. It should be noted , however, that this is a performence version of the 1508, and teh orginal had a more pearish pommel. This version was given a diferent pommel to move the POB out an inch, and make it a more authoritative cutter.

Fed Ex Ground brought the sword to me in 5 days , from the opposite corner of the country.

The box it arrived in had a flattened diamond crossection with no noticable profile or distal taper....

Inside the box, the sword was swaddled in cardboard and newspaper.


Blade ------------ 36 in
Grip--------------- 9 in
Overall----------- 47.5 in
Weight----------- 2 lbs 14 oz
Cross------------- 8.25 in
Ricasso----------- 5 in
Width at guard-- 1.6 in
Width at flare--- 1.75 in
COG--------------- 4.5 in
COP--------------- 22.5 in


The 1508 is in Gus's standard black leather grip , and polished steel fittings. The pommel is a nicely milled scent-stopper , and the cross is a bowtie.

The mildly rebated ricasso is incredibly sexy, and gives the sword a very nice overalll flow to this reviewers eye.

The polish is to a nice even satin... and there are some wavy machine patterns (?) in the ricasso, which I rather like... kinda hamonesque a bit ...LOL

Marc Kaden Ridgeway
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Marc Ridgeway

Location: Atlanta , Gawga
Joined: 24 May 2006
Likes: 3 pages

Posts: 133

PostPosted: Sun 03 May, 2009 6:41 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Construction: Fit & Finish

The 1508 is Gus's standard compression hilt asembly, retained by a hex-fastener recessed in the pommel.

The handle is black leather over cord, wrapped around a wood core.

Everything is tight, solid and well fitted. This is my fourth ATrim, I 've had a couple of the old DD models, and a 1315 ... and some of these had mild fitting problems where the cross met the blade. Not so on the 1508, it is beautifully fitted.

The sword is just wonderfully tight, and she resonates like a tuning fork when struck.

Handling Characteristics

Oh man does this thing handle. What can I say? For a katana guy like me, the balance point of 4.5 inches, the long blade and the long handle are all just unspeakably nice. Perfect even.

It is fast , and nimble, and still has just enough blade presence to cut authoritatively.

The grip is a tad blcky, but it doesn not bother me, in fact I think it helps my edge allignment, and for all I know is typical of longswords, this being my first.

I have to say this handles as well as the best kats I have used, and way better that the Euro single handers and bastards I've had.

This is one of the swords Gus makes from the LPM stock... the thickerer swords I believe i have heard them referred to as, and the blade is quite thick at the ricasso, and this greatly aids the handling.


This is the first Euro sword I've consisitently successfully cut with from swing one. It just cuts great , despite my complete lack of technique.

I have not , however, tried any targets yet but plastic... I just want to be surer of my form before tackling anything tougher.

I'm going to post a short vid, despite my better judgement... i may have to resign, close my account and flee in shame... i look horrible... my form is dismal, my footwork horrid, and on the last cut i came around like a windmill, failing to keep my steel between myself and my opponent, and may well have gotten myself gutted.

I would have thought my katana experience would have shown more, but sadly it seems I have never held a sword before...

I'm going to plead my complete inexperience with longswords, and hope you guys and girls buy it....

Anyway , despite my ineptitude, the 1508 cuts well...

Marc Kaden Ridgeway

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Marc Ridgeway

Location: Atlanta , Gawga
Joined: 24 May 2006
Likes: 3 pages

Posts: 133

PostPosted: Sun 03 May, 2009 6:42 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

The Good , The Bad & The Ugly

Well, this will be a tough section for me to complete. This is where I get critical about the sword... and I really don't have anything to say. Um.... the grip is a tad squarish? But that doesn't bother me, nor is it uncomfortable.

The wait time... ok that is a bit less than ideal, BUT , it is really not out of the ordinary to wait long periods for custom, and semi custom orders from craftsmen of Gus's level... plus, now that he has reorganized his business model, it is no longer an issue. you just go to Christian Fletcher's site, and buy what is available.

I guess that is the biggest issue, the limited availablity... who knows what model will pop up for sale when, and how many folk will be watching for it. But truthfully, this just really makes Gus's swords something to prize that much more... you can't just log on and get another one on the way like most mass produced swords... when you get one, you treasure it.


  • Cuts Incredibly
  • Handles like a dream
  • Well built
  • Attractive design
  • Damn fine all around sword
  • Easily customized because of hex fastener assembly


  • Long wait
  • Limited availiability
  • Squarish handle ( not really bad though... hey I'm reaching here folks...)
  • Not peened. ( some folks prefer permanent assembly, but not me.)


This sword is a wonderful sword, despite how awful I look in the video. It cuts and handles with the best of swords I have owned. It will be a while before I try bamboo, and rightly so as you can see by my performance, but I am happy with cutting on bottles, both wet and dry.

Atrims are only availiable for purchase now at Christian Fletcher's site, or second-hand... but its well worth snaping any up you get the opportunity to. Especially this 1508... I connected with it like i never have with any other Euro.

If you cannot get a ATrim, then one of the Trim designed VAs is probably a damn good alternative.

I highly reccomend this sword, and others by Gus .

Thanks for reading.

Marc Kaden Ridgeway
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Jim S.

Joined: 17 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Sun 03 May, 2009 10:55 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

A beautiful sword and well worth the wait. I especially admire that type ricasso.
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Marc Ridgeway

Location: Atlanta , Gawga
Joined: 24 May 2006
Likes: 3 pages

Posts: 133

PostPosted: Fri 17 Jul, 2009 5:49 am    Post subject:         Reply with quote

Got a chance to cut some bamboo with the 1508... its an excellent performer.

Marc Kaden Ridgeway
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