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J. D. Carter

Location: Az.
Joined: 09 May 2007

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PostPosted: Wed 21 Nov, 2007 11:56 am    Post subject: Sword drills as exercise         Reply with quote

My only previous experience with swords other than reading, is with the CAS Iberia War Sword. I could say a few disparaging things about that piece but it did two positive things for me. 1. It encouraged me to read more. I was fairly certain, without a proper education on the matter, that it had several things against it from a historical point which led me to the trove of information here at myArmoury and the many links to even more knowledge. 2. It awakened a desire in me to actually "use" the beast.

You see I fractured a couple of vertebrae when I was a teenager. 20+ years of construction work and advanced arthritis have added to the problems to the point where I am not all that mobile. I had dabbled in tai chi on and off over the years but never really stuck with it enough to reap any benefits. While reading here I was introduced to the different aspects of Kunst des Fechtens and a light went off in my head. Here is something that could both benefit me physically and let me satisfy the long dormant but never dead fascination with sharp pointy objects and the people who employed them in the real world.

So for a little over 2 months now I've been and still am refining my own odd mixture of the tai chi & everything I can find from the Fechtbuchs. There is a great deal of the Liechtenauer drills that I simply cannot do properly at full speed but slow them down to tai chi speeds and I have a form of exercise that I look forward to doing which is quite a turn around from the previous 3 years. When I 1st proposed the idea my family thought I was over medicated but they have all admitted that the change has been for the good. I've lost weight and gained just a bit of flexibility. Body allowing both of those will continue and who knows, after enough time has gone by I may even feel up to trying my hand at some milk jug mayhem.

For taking the time to write up the review you did at KOA for the Windlass Oakeshott type XIIa if that was indeed the same Mike Arledge who posts here I want to thank you . On a very tight budget that 1st Albion or the like is far up the road for me. Your review helped me decide just which model that was affordable for me I should invest in. I am not at all disappointed. While I am anything but experienced in what a sword should or shouldn't be I agree with you when you say it is truly a nice piece, not just nice for the price.

Now everyone else here, please keep posting all the interesting things that you do. 1 subject here that catches my eye can lead to an entire day of reading that turns out to be far more fascinating than any fantasy stories concerning arms & armor that used to fill a lot of my days. Mr. Arledge and all of you thank you for contributing to a reawakened passion.
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Andrew Knecht

Location: South Dakota
Joined: 21 Oct 2007

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PostPosted: Wed 21 Nov, 2007 12:09 pm    Post subject:         Reply with quote

I also find that slowing down Liechtenauer drills is good exercise and keeps me limber Happy

And I also agree that reading through the discussion threads can be a valuable learning experience and much more interesting and fulfilling that a lot of other arms and armor materials. And it really helps keep my interest sharp.
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