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“Folks, Lau Chun-Hang bought the Arms & Armor Bohemian Broadsword I recently offered on the forum. His communication was thorough and very clear; he made sure that our international transaction proceeded ...” Seller: Lau Chun-Hang
Mar 25, 2020
“Christopher Gregg bought the Nielo Proto-Mortuary Sword I recently offered on the forum. His communication was thorough and very clear and he paid quickly. I'm very happy with the transaction, and I'd gladly do ...” Seller: Christopher Gregg
Jul 16, 2019
“I arranged for a member of my seventeenth-century re-enactment unit who is not a member here to buy John Dunn's Arms & Armor Town Guard Sword. Karl, my friend, is very happy with the sword and the transaction. He ...” Buyer: John Dunn
Jan 26, 2019
“John Dunn sold me his Windlass Type XIV sword. The sword is in excellent condition, the price was very reasonable, communications were good, he shipped quickly, and I'm in all ways happy with the transaction. I'd ...” Buyer: John Dunn
Oct 07, 2017
“I've bought several things from Phil over the years (most recently an MRL Erbach Sword, and before that a basket-hilted sword and an MRL Scottish Cutlass), and I've always been happy with the transactions. I'd be glad ...” Buyer: Phil D.
Sep 01, 2017
“In 2014, I bought a copy of Oakeshott's Records of the Medieval Sword from Chad. Communications were excellent, the book was just as he described it, and the transaction was smooth. I'd gladly do business with him ...” Buyer: Chad Arnow
Jun 19, 2017
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