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Gothic Sallet and Bevor
Original: German, circa 1450

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The sallet is made to guarantee protection only for the upper part of the head and in battle dress and is generally completed by a chin-guard, or bevor, such as the one shown here. This sallet is reinforced by a small crest (here with a hole for a feather plume), and has a hinged, moveable ventail, including protection for the eyes (here completed by a forehead guard). An adjustable leather liner is fitted within.

The bevor is also hinged and includes a locking mechanism. It can be worn up for complete protection of the neck and lower part of the face, or down to expose the mouth.
Sallet Maker: Unknown
Bevor Maker: Valentine Armouries of Canada.
This helm is inspired by many originals such as this one located in the Tower of London, dated 1440-1450.

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Gothic Sallet and Bevor

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