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Albion Armorers Gaddhjalt
Original: Norwegian, circa early 10th to mid 11th centuries

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The Gaddhjalt (meaning "spike-hilt") is a sword of the late Viking period. This type of tapering hilt has been found on swords in Norwegian burials as early as 950 AD. The blade is classified as a Geibig Type 5 (considered a variation of the Oakeshott Type X) and formed from 1075 steel by the good folks at Albion Armorers. The blade type is intended for use against mail-clad opponents and is capable of powerful cuts.

The pommel is classified as a Wheeler's Type VIII or Oakeshott's Type A, though it is commonly referred to as the "Brazil Nut". The grip is executed in black leather with a central cord riser which results in comfortable and secure handling.

This particular sword has been antiqued utilizing the "salt and vinegar" technique described by Sean A. Flynt in the article: The Instant Antique: A Practical Guide.

See our hands-on review for more information on this sword.
Overall length: 41.125"
Weight: 2.6 pounds
Width of guard: 7.875"
Blade: 35" long; 1.9" wide at base tapering to .9"
Grip length: 4.125"
Point of Balance (PoB): 6.75" from guard
Center of Percussion (CoP): ~22.5" from guard

Maker: Albion Armorers of Wisconsin.

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Albion Armorers Gaddhjalt

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