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Membership Level Overview:
Membership Level Comparison Chart
  Guest Basic Upgraded Premier
Annual price free free $25 $45
Read articles and reviews yes yes yes yes
Customize your homepage no yes yes yes
Save favorites no yes yes yes
Join special groups no yes yes yes
Read discussion forums yes yes yes yes
Participate in forums no yes yes yes
Private messaging no yes yes yes
Forum attachment space none 20MB 50MB 100MB
Private message attachments no no yes yes
Browse photo albums yes yes yes yes
View full-sized photos no yes yes yes
Add to public albums no yes yes yes
Personal album space none none 20MB 40MB
Send photo e-cards no yes yes yes
Forwarding email address no no no yes
Eligible for standard contests no yes yes yes
Eligible for upgraded contests no no yes yes
Eligible for premier contests no no no yes
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Un-Registered Guest — Description of Limitations — Free
  • No photo album e-cards, no albums searches, no full-sized photos
  • No posting in our discussion forums or use of private message system
  • No reading or wish lists, no personalized book suggestions
  • Special-interest forums are unavailable
  • Guests cannot enter our contests and giveaways

    Basic Registered Membership — Free
  • Read featured essays, reviews, collection galleries, and other articles
  • Fully customize the content and organization of your homepage
  • Save your favorite pages, links, and discussion topics
  • Make a reading or wish list, get personalized book suggestions
  • Browse photo albums, comment on and rate pics, send e-cards
  • Submit photos for inclusion in our public photo albums
  • Use our Weapon Comparison Tool
  • Participate in our discussion forums
  • Join special-interest groups
  • Use our private messaging system
  • Attach images to your forum posts (10MB quota)

    Upgraded Membership — $25 / annually
    All the benefits of the Basic Membership, plus...
  • Host your own personal photo albums* with 10MB of server space
  • Increase your attached image quota in our discussion forums to 25MB
  • Add the ability to attach images to your private messages
  • Automatic entry into special contests available to upgraded members

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    Premier Membership — $45 / annually
    All the benefits of the Upgraded Membership, plus...
  • Increase your personal photo album* space to 20MB
  • Increase your attached image quota in our discussion forums to 50MB
  • Get a name@myArmoury.com forwarding email address
  • Automatic entry into special contests available to premier members

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