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Nathan's collection started forming in the early 90s and has grown to include a wide variety of European arms and armour. Many dozens of pieces are on display, ranging from budget production to custom.
Chad's collection began in the mid 90s. It focuses on European arms and armour and is mainly comprised of production pieces, customized production pieces and a few custom weapons.
Bill's collection is directly related to his practice of historical European martial arts. His studies focus on late medieval and renaissance styles and his collection of reproduction weaponry reflects this.
Steve began collecting medieval arms in late 2001. The collection primarily includes European replicas ranging from mid-range production to custom items and includes some antiquing experiments.
Nate's collection dates from the mid to late 1990s. It includes a variety of pieces from budget priced to custom level and includes antique non-European items as well as one or two he made himself.

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