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About the Bookstore
The Bookstore provides an on-target and organized repository of book titles aimed at the arms and armour collector. We've created a system that contains focused titles of interest to our community while eliminating the clutter and confusion of the typical bookstore.

Our data is fed to us by, one of the largest book retailers on the Internet. Amazon provides us with product details, customer reviews and rankings, related products based on buying habits, and links to pages allowing each product to be purchased when it is available.

We've created an affiliate relationship with Amazon that lets us earn a small referral credit on each purchase made from the links on our site. Please help support our publishing efforts with your purchases. (top)

Why Did We Make This?
Our main goal is to get information in the hands of our community. One way to do this is to encourage people to get books, read them, and talk about them. We created the bookstore to both serve the purpose of making a focused collection of book titles for our community as well as to provide a means of offsetting the costs associated with the upkeep of our site. (top)

Our Reading List
Our own reading list of titles has been hand-picked as possibly being of interest to our site's visitors. We've generally tried to limit the titles in our list to those that can still be found and purchased. While we've fallen short of writing reviews on each and every title in our list, we encourage you to use the list as a means of searching for titles of interest to you. Most books in our list have suggestions for related topics that may serve as a springboard for your search. (top)

The Bibliography
We've created a much larger list of books in the form of a Bibliography of our reference library. This list covers a broader selection of subjects and includes many titles that are out of print or very difficult to find. All titles in our reading list are also included within our bibliography. (top)

Member Reading Lists
Our bookstore has the added benefit of allowing the members of our site to create their own reading lists. The lists are designed to be flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. Each book in the list can be reviewed and rated with zero to five stars and can be marked as recommended or not recommended.

To create a reading list, make sure that you are currently logged into the site. At each product's page of details, you'll find a link below the book's cover graphic that says "Add to your list." Clicking this link will add the item to your list and bring you to a page that lets you rank the item and submit a full review should you wish to do so.

We encourage all members to create their own reading lists, as it will benefit others by allowing us to create a cross-referenced database of titles of interest to our specific community. (top)

Book Ratings
Customers of Amazon have the ability to submit reviews on each book in their database as well as rate them with zero to five stars. We show you this rating and call it the "customer rating."

Additionally, we provide the ability for each member to rate titles when they are added to their reading lists. An average member rating and a link to the various lists that contain the title are presented on each book's details page, when available, This provides a means to judge a book's appeal within our own community, creating a comparative study more on-target than Amazon's own customer ratings. (top)

Book Reviews
When available, we show book reviews created by Amazon's customers. These reviews are visible on the book's page of details. Perhaps more valuable are reviews written by members. These reviews are specific to our community and can be found, when available, by browsing the member reading lists directly or by linking from an item's page of details.

Each book on your reading list can be accompanied with a full review. These reviews are visible to our members and will help them decide if a title is appropriate for their needs. You can either submit your review as you add the book to your list or at a later time while managing your list. You can edit your review at any time, but doing so will delete any helpful votes you may have received on that particular review. (top)

Helpful Votes
As you read other member reviews, we encourage you to vote on each one as to their helpfulness. We keep score of helpful votes and show them on the member reading lists page to encourage others to write worthwhile reviews for our community. (top)

Prices and Purchases
All book prices come directly from Amazon. We cache our data for a 19-hour period to reduce the traffic of our data-feed. If the prices being presented to you have been cached, you'll be shown the date of the last update. Should you wish to purchase the item, you'll see the absolute up-to-date price upon following our link to Amazon.

All purchases are made through Amazon and not through us. We simply provide you the information and a link to their site. Your personal information stays with them and never passes through our hands.

By making purchases through the links presented on our product pages, you're earning us a small referral credit on each purchase. This credit will go to help offset the costs associated with the maintenance and upkeep of our site. (top)

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