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Hanwei Combination Rapier
Original: Circa 1581

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This rapier is a reproduction of an original piece that is seen in the German book Kombinationswaffen des 15.-19. Jahrhunderts. The original is a wonderful example of a combination weapon as there is a dagger concealed within the hilt. With a tug of the tip of the pommel, the dagger comes out and its blade has spring loaded arms that immediately open to form quillons.

This modern replica is a very unique item on the reproduction market. It is rare to see combination weapons recreated, and this particular one has a certain "cool" factor to it because of the concealed dagger. The dagger has fully functional spring-loaded arms, just as the original.

The unfortunate thing about this particular sword is that the hilt is overly large, as many of Hanwei's earlier pieces are. That is the biggest detractor to it, both functionally and aesthetically. If that were changed, I would say that this was a great piece for such a low price.

See our hands-on review for more information on this sword.
Overall length: 46.25"
Weight: 3.5 pounds
Width of guard: 12"
Blade: 38.5" long including 4" ricasso; 1.25" wide tapering to .25"
Grip length: 5"
Point of Balance (PoB): 5.125" from guard with dagger removed
Center of Percussion (CoP): ~24" from guard

Hidden dagger:
Overall length: 15.5"
Weight: 0.4375 pound
Blade: 11" long including 2.5" ricasso; 0.75" wide at base
Grip length: 3.75"
Point of Balance (PoB): 1" below guard

Maker: CAS Iberia / Hanwei of China.

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Hanwei Combination Rapier

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